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Hi there, I'm Andrew Brey - I'm the founder of Fluencyy, a software engineering and web development consulting firm. I operate out of Seattle, Washington but I started Fluencyy when I lived in my home town of Denver, Colorado. I specialize in native-mobile and mobile-friendly web application development and offer a wide range of other software development services such as automated test suite creation, scripting, Excel and vba work, and more.

I started Fluencyy because I believe that if things are worth doing, they are worth doing well. I've spent many years in the software and development ecosystem and have seen first hand the wide range of quality that comes from different firms. That is why it's so important - a tenet I hold higher than all others at Fluencyy - that every project I put the Fluencyy name on is top quality.

When I work with clients, I take a very hands-on and iterative approach to ensure that I stay on the same page with you the whole time. I work tirelessly to ensure that I build you what you are looking for, and when you aren't sure exactly what you want, I will come prepared with ideas and inspiration of my own to help keep your project moving along swiftly.

Whether you are looking to build an amazing mobile app, a complex web application backed by multiple highly-available micro-services, or you just want a keen, thoughtful, and detail-oriented eye to help you review your own code and make suggestions, I can help! I would love to meet with you to find out how Fluencyy can support your project.

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What Fluencyy does.

Filling all of the development needs of your business can be hard. I understand exactly how hard it can be because I have experienced it. Here's some of what I can help you with:

  • Mobile apps

    Have you ever wished your business could take advantage of the rich features and data offered by your user's smart phone, but don't know where to start? It can certainly feel daunting trying to find the right developer for the task - let my experience and knowledge be your guide and let's build your business the perfect mobile experience!

  • Web apps

    Building powerful and beautiful web apps is my favorite development task. I love creating tools that help and inspire people, and even more importantly, make people happy when they use them. Have the next great app idea? I can help you get it off the ground.

  • Websites

    Have you decided to FINALLY take the leap and start your business and don't have the time, patience, know-how, or desire to build the website? I have lots of experience helping people just like you build sites that people love visiting.

  • Spreadsheets

    With multiple years experience in business analysis, I know my way around spreadsheets. Let me help you build the tools that will help YOU manage your business, home, or project.

  • Scripting

    Doing devops work and tired of doing the same task over and over by hand? Have 400,000 images you need to download and rename from a remote server? Building a complex system of tools built around modular automated pieces? I've done all of this and more, and would love to help you build your scripts.

  • And more!

    I have a very wide breadth of experience in all phases of the software development lifecycle. I would love to talk to see where Fluencyy can help you.


Some of what I know.

Doing development work takes a wide range of skills. Fluencyy can offer you a lot to take advantage of.

  • Golang, Javascript (client & server), Java, Ruby, PHP
  • React, Angular (8+), Gatsby JS, Ionic, Spring MVC, Ruby on Rails, Dropwizard
  • Amazon Web Services, Terraform, Auth0
  • CSS, HTML, Webpack, Gulp, Bootstrap, JQuery
  • WebExtension API
  • JUnit, Cucumber, Watir, Selenium, Karma, Jasmine
  • PostgreSQL, H2, Mongo
  • Excel, VBA, Office
  • And a whole lot more!


What people say about me.

I hired Andrew after frustration with two prior software-development companies that didn't measure up (ugh, the money I wasted!).

Andrew is absolutely superb! Extremely knowledgeable, honest, pleasant, goes the extra mile to deliver excellence beyond expectations. I especially marvel at how often he anticipated my concerns and addressed them before I could raise them! No doubt, he will soon be an in-demand IT services provider. Hire him while he's still affordable!

Bernice Smoot

Founder & President, Saint Wall Street LLC

Andrew with Fluencyy developed a website for my yoga company and I am beyond thrilled. He helped guide me through every step necessary making the entire process a breeze. The website is simple, clean, and above all else, easy to use. I truly appreciate Andrew's quick and easy communication and fully trust his professional advice. He was able to take ideas from my head and make them happen, even when I didn't know the exact lingo or if it was even possible. I would highly recommend Fluencyy to anyone needing a computer wizard!

Jenna Phillips

Founder, Yojana Yoga

Working with Andrew was an excellent experience. He gauged my target demographic and made a site I (and hopefully my clients) will find useful but also appealing to the eye. He incorporated design elements I didn’t know I wanted but after seeing them on the finished site I knew they were the right choice. 10/10 would work with Andrew again.

Jeff Butler

Founder, Best Way Investment Advisors

We hired Andrew to build a mobile app to give us a competitive advantage with our competition. Andrew went above and beyond to deliver a timely final product that not only competes in the market place, but gives us functionality and edge that none of our competition has. He didn't just put his head down and build whatever we told him to in order to collect a paycheck... he entered into the strategic planning and functioning of our project, questioned our original ideas (because they were off a bit), to ultimately offer us a final app that was twice as good as our original idea. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a developer. He's a man of his word, extremely organized and professional, and won't quit until your project is done with complete excellence.

Dan Brass

Sales Director, Campus Cash

It has been a privilege to work with Andrew! He was able to help us develop an app that seemed to have a lot of complicated features along with a custom admin portal where we can access and edit features of the app online. From the beginning of the project, Andrew took time to inform us of where things where at and to always keep us up to date on his progress. We really have appreciated how responsive and available he was to answer questions! Besides being an amazing programmer, Andrew also has a good understanding of design elements that I believe is uncommon for most developers. This was clear in the aesthetics of the app along with the website and backend portal he built for us. Andrew is also organized and was able to accomplish everything we asked of him. I would highly recommend him!

Alex Florea

Owner, Campus Cash

We hired Andrew as the lead developer of our small team building a custom web-scraping application for my design client, and we are so happy that we did. He is very knowledgeable and intuitive, and numerous times helped us to anticipate our client's needs before the client said anything - or even knew themselves! It's safe to say that the project was guided to a successful completion thanks to Andrew's skill and expertise. I highly recommend Fluencyy to anyone who needs custom web development!

Payge Kerman

CEO, Blooming Pixel Creatives

Fluencyy has been the perfect company to develop the prototype website for my startup. Andrew starts with your vision, listens carefully, and adds his own experience and creativity to turn the vision into an engaging and easy to use site that highlights what we are all about. He delivered on-time and asked for feedback along the way in a transparent process that made sure his website build was aligned with my needs. Andrew has a rare combination of creative instincts, experience, reliability and professionalism. I strongly recommend Fluencyy to others.

Jeremy Symons

Founder, Rivalry LLC

I could not be happier with my experience with Fluencyy. Andrew gave me an honest proposal, ACTIVELY listened to my idea and concept, and with minimal direction delivered a perfect website. Andrew's communication really stands out - it's simple, to the point, but extremely effective. I'll only work with Andrew going forward - I'll wait until he's available.

Hire Fluencyy to get the job done RIGHT the FIRST time.

Tom Harmon

Founder, Rad Lab Reports


Some of Fluencyy's latest projects.

Sometimes results speak louder than words - here is a selection of recent projects that demonstrate my work.

Lemmy App desktop application

Lemmy App

Desktop Application

I've recently been working on a semi-secret project called the Lemmy App which is a desktop application meant to address an extremely common pain point at organizations that are just big enough to have had knowledge walk out the door with employee turnover - sharing of institutional knowledge.

Follow along the progress of building out the app on the Lemmy Blog and make sure to sign up as a beta tester to get early access when it's ready to go live!

  • Desktop application
  • Cross platform
  • Sharing institutional knowledge
  • Adorable mascot
Campus Cash App websites

Campus Cash

Mobile Application

and Web Application and Marketing Website

Alex was ready to take the plunge into the world of device native mobile applications to expand the reach of his business, but he knew it was a big undertaking.

Over the course of a 6 month contract with him, we built his business both iOS and Android native applications which are now available is the app stores. We also built a powerful API and a set of admin tools that his clients can use to manage their own data. His end users love the app and his business clients love the empowering tools.

Visit Live Site
  • Angular 5
  • Ionic
  • iOS
  • Android
  • App Stores
  • Logo Design
  • Java 8
  • Spring
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS
  • Auth0
  • And more...
Netflix Tweaked web extension

Netflix Tweaked

Web Browser Extension

On a fateful morning in July 2018, I saw this thread on Reddit about a pain point a user had with the user interface of Netflix, and it seemed like a lot of users felt this pain along with them. I was in-between projects with Fluencyy and though to myself "you know what, I bet I can fix this", and an hour or so later, the Netflix Tweaked browser extension was born.

I announced it to the world in my own Reddit thread and ever since then it has grown to thousands of users, has been ported to Firefox, and has been featured in multiple tech blogs like lifehacker and others. The entire project is open source, so I welcome any help in making it better!

Project Repository Chrome Store Firefox Store
  • Web Extensions API
  • Dynamic Script Loading
  • Mutation Observation
StencilBook LLC portfolio website

StencilBook LLC

Spreadsheet Marketplace

StencilBook is an up-and-coming spreadsheet template and financial modeling marketplace, and when they needed a web marketplace that was optimized for SEO and performance, they came to Fluencyy to build it.

Together we designed and implemented a fully custom design system and brand identify that is used throughout their site and products and they've been thrilled with the results they've seen so far!

Visit Live Site
  • React JS
  • Gatsby JS
  • Bespoke Design
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Logo Design
David Brey portfolio website

David Brey

Resume Website

David has wide range of experience in business and that makes it hard to thoroughly talk about it on his paper resume. We built him a digital resume so that space limitations aren't a problem any more!

He loves that he can add all of the detail about his past experience to the site and has found this site to be an indispensable tool when he needs to share his resume content.

Visit Live Site
  • Materialize
  • Webpack
  • Logo Design
Coco Brey small business website

Coco Calandra

Small Business Website

Coco started an interior design consulting small business and needed the perfect site to showcase her work and introduce herself to clients. She asked me to help design and build it, working closely with her to capture the vision she had in her head.

This site is the product of the vision she had, complete with custom stylized text and animations and a dynamic "masonry" layout for her portfolio images. She loves it!

Visit Live Site
  • Custom Dynamic Masonry Layout
  • Webpack
  • Logo Design
Yojana Yoga website

Yojana Yoga

Small Business Website

Yojana Yoga is a Denver-local yoga instructor offering a variety of classes to both individual and corporate clients. I worked closely with Jenna to build her fully custom site, from the ground up, to her exact taste.

Jenna loves that the social media feed we built that pulls directly from her company social media profiles to keep the content on her site fresh and always changing!

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  • AngularJS
  • Materialize
  • JQuery
Saint Wall Street web application

Saint Wall Street

Web Application

When Bernice was ready to take her company's "Philanthropic Return on Investment Calculator" product to the next level of maturity she trusted Fluencyy to build the application the right way. I built her completely dynamic calculator application from scratch to facilitate fast pace reaction to new research in social/philanthropic impact.

  • AngularJS
  • Angular Material
  • Logo Design
  • Java 8
  • Spring Boot
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS Lambda
  • Auth0
Olivia Brey personal website

Olivia Brey

Portfolio Website

Olivia is an Intelligent Mobility and Traffic engineer and she needed a simple but memorable website to include on her resume and business card. This site features custom graphics of the Denver skyline and an animated daytime/nighttime scene that transitions in sync with sunrise and sunset in Denver.

Visit Live Site
  • Custom Animations
  • Custom Graphics
  • Logo Design
  • JQuery
Andrew Brey personal website

Andrew Brey (a.k.a. Me)

Personal Website

I love building helpful tools and I love sharing the results of my effort with others - that's why I built myself a website that I can use to provide people direct access to me and the projects I've built.

The old saying goes that a software developer is a person who turns coffee into code, so I figured what better way to honor this fact than with a full page video of my favorite morning ritual - cheers!

Visit Live Site
  • HTML5 Video
  • Webpack
Best Way 401k website

Best Way 401k

Small Business Website

Jeff is starting a business teaching millenials about investment and retirement planning and needed a way to reach clients. He asked for me to take the lead on the design while he focused on building the business and this was the result!

  • Google Maps API
  • Logo Design
  • JQuery
Rad Lab Reports web application

Rad Lab Reports

Web Application

When Tom approached me with the prospect of building the "LinkedIn of travel nursing" I was completely for it. This web application is fully custom and features a server-side API backed by a relational database in addition to the front-end user interface that empowers travel nurses to shed light on their experiences with different health care providers.

Visit Live Site
  • AngularJS
  • Angular Material
  • Logo Design
  • Java 8
  • Spring Boot
  • PostgreSQL
Rivalry web application


Web Application

Rivalry seeks to be the premier sports fan social experience, and Jeremy wanted to make sure that he has a full featured prototype of his dream application to use as a demo in seeking investment. We built this application to be fully self-contained and not require a server to supply data.

  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Logo Design
  • In-Memory API
ShoeBio web application


Web Application API

Mitchell and Benny are young entrepreneurs who also happen to be "Sneakerheads". In collaboration with a Portland based design firm and their front-end developer, we built Mitchel and Benny a proprietary "sneaker cost comparison" web scraping application that also provides a full featured API to grant access to the scraped data. For this project, Fluencyy strictly developed on the server-side, so we can't claim credit for that pretty user-interface!

  • React
  • Redux
  • Java 8
  • Spring Boot
  • PostreSQL
  • Auth0
  • AWS Lambda

I am available for consulting work.

Please feel free to reach out and contact me - I would love to work with you!

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